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GET Love™ eBook


GET the Love You Deserve Now!

Change how you love forever - GET Love™: How to Transform Your Love Life is the book that will show you how. Part love story, part handbook, part life-changing manifesto, Kimberley Heart unflinchingly walks you through four steps that produce permanent change in your love life. 

GET Love™ will teach you:

  • How to change your love life - forever
  • Why, up to now, you really haven't wanted a relationship
  • The greatest secret you will ever learn about getting the love you want
  • How to harness the power of your subconscious mind

Dual Meditation Package

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Two Meditations!

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Forgiveness Meditation

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Whenever we forgive ourselves, or another, a new future is born. Forgiveness is a force that always produces change. In this meditation, Kimberley helps you release yourself from the prison of the unforgiven. You and your unforgiven-self journey to a clearing where you gather the 7 reasons why you have not forgiven yourself, before now. In the circle of forgiveness, you forgive the unforgiven-self and once again become whole. Finally freeing yourself to have the love and life you want. It is elegant. It is powerful.  

Meditation Length approx 30 mins.


Beliefs Meditation

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Changing Your Beliefs

No matter what we’re doing, the bottom line is that we always seek love. In order to create the love we desire, our subconscious mind must be in alignment with our desire. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind. That mind may appear to us in many different forms: a library, a room of ancient scrolls, or a magnificent garden. In this mediation you will journey into the garden of your subconscious mind. However, we see it, our subconscious mind is consistent and literal—it has no sense of humor. It is the driving force of all we create in our world. Creating an alliance with our subconscious mind creates a friend of phenomenal power. Here, in the garden of your subconscious mind, you will discover and destroy the belief that has held you back from getting the love you have always desired. 

Meditation Length  Approx: 30 mins.


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