Kimberley shares the inspiration behind her best-selling book "Get Love"

"One of the key missing integrative steps in people having a life that is fulfilling and exceptional is truly loving themselves". 



What makes GET Love™ different than all the other relationship books out there?


Rather then tell you how to have a relationship, GET Love™ opens the door to an actual love affair and invites you to live it. Reading this book will take you inside the love, pain, joy, ecstasy, doubt, anger and questioning of love itself. Raw and real, this journey will lead you to experiencing the love life you have always wanted.

The core of GET Love™ is a very personal experience of yours. Why did you choose to share such a vulnerable and personal life event in such a public way?

The most profound things I have learned have been because others shared their lives with me in a vulnerable and intimate way. How could I do any less?

You say, “Nothing changes until you do.” What do you mean by this?


We have been taught a lie, one that hurts us, and pretty much guarantees that we will never have the love life we want. What is that lie? The lie is that the other person needs to change to fit into our lives. We cannot change or “fix” anyone. Every one of us has probably tried to do this at one point or another in a relationship. How did that work out for you? If we want to create the love of our lives, we must look to ourselves for all of the answers. If we are not happy, we must ask ourselves why and then fill the lack within ourselves. If we don’t have someone to love, then we must ask ourselves why we don’t want to be in a relationship. Examining our own attitudes and beliefs are the only way to get what we want.

GET Love™ approaches the issues of love, relationships, and change in a revolutionary way. Can you talk about how these three things are connected?


Love demands that we pay attention to the details of how we feel and act. It demands that we seek new skills in how to relate to one another. In order to create the love we so richly deserve, we must know how to change with elegance and ease. Love will demand that we change how we relate with ourselves and with the one that we love. There are no successful relationships without change. We must have a continuous understanding of how to love the other person and how to continue to love ourselves. Love is complex. We can make it easier if we understand how love and change go hand and hand.

Does the message of personal change in Get Love™ extend to other areas of one’s life, or just romantic relationships?


We can all use everything we learn in Get Love™ in all aspects of our lives. In Get Love™ one of the great secrets of life is revealed; nothing changes until you do. Not only are the great secrets revealed, but also a step-by-step map of how to change is provided for you. I personally get frustrated with books that explain my problems but don’t give me practical solutions as to how to fix them. Here you find the understanding and the solutions.

What is the hardest part of creating permanent change in one’s love life?


The greatest resistance to change is holding on too tightly to the life you are living right now. Understanding that what you have in your life at this very moment is all you will ever have, if you do not change, is perhaps the hardest truth to accept. Once we tell ourselves that brutal truth, everything else seems easier. Plain and simple—change is frightening for us all. Only you can decide what is more frightening— continuing to live the life you are now living or taking the risk to changing yourself so you can have the reward of more love, more joy and more fulfillment. Creating permanent change becomes easy when you enjoy the love, are grateful for your courage and have the willing to change even further in order to be more.