Crisis & Change Management

Change Management is the key to engaging innovation and organizational success. It is the key to preventing the need for Crisis Management. In today’s business environment, organizations that fail to change—will fail. Kimberley addresses the process of planning, understanding and adapting to change, while helping your organization to create and capitalize on new, profitable opportunities long before the competition. What better way to learn about change than from someone who has lived and lead change initiatives in fortune 500 companies and law firms for over 30 years? And when better way to learn about change, then before the lack of change becomes crisis?


Timeless leadership strategies transcend "business as usual" and catapult businesses beyond 21-century-visionary thinking and behavior. The world currently faces a worldwide domain of failure, and great leaders must learn how to navigate and transcend in that domain, if failure is to be transformed into vision and success.  The old systems are crumbling. Ms. Heart challenges your audience to stop expecting the old ways to work—because they don’t! Instead, she offers a light to guide the leaders among us to a path out of the domain of failure, but this is only possible if great leaders are willing to risk.

Risking what?

In a presentation that challenges and asks the unspeakable questions that most are afraid to even ask, Kimberley gives insights, answers, and strategies to 21-century leaders. She offers a roadmap on how to lift out of the old domain of failure, and lift instead into a new paradigm that will surprise and delight your audience.


Kimberley Heart customizes every engaging presentation based on your organization’s needs and desired outcomes. She collaborates directly with you to ensure your group gets exactly what they need to move forward in their careers and in their lives.  Kimberley’s exceptional ability to communicate clear solutions with grace, wit and razor-sharp insight is why she is in such high demand.