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“This book will not only change your love life; it can change your whole life!”

“Kimberley understands the complexity of the human mind, and has a very clear way of helping us heal our hearts.”
—Louise Hay, Bestselling Author, You Can Heal Your Life

Get Love™: How to Transform Your Love Life is a book about the most transformative thing you will ever do: change how you love—forever. Part love story, part handbook, part life-changing manifesto, this is a book that does more than talk the talk of love; it unflinchingly walks you through four steps that will produce permanent change.

Get Love will teach you:

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This is the physical book, for those of you that hate reading off a computer screen and love to take notes right inside your book.

  • How to change your love life—it can be planned
  • How to discover your resistance to love—and heal it—now.
  • The greatest secret you will ever learn about getting the love you want.
  • How to harness the power of your subconscious mind.

Get Love™: How to Transform Your Love Life explains how personal change, beliefs, and the love we have in our lives are all linked, and how relationships fail, succeed, or flourish based on one powerful truth: nothing—absolutely nothing—changes until you do.

Who This Book Is For

This book isn’t for everyone. But, it is for you if:

  • you feel you want more love in your life—now,
  • you want to change your life at a core level—forever,
  • you dream of having relationships that feed you, rather than drain you,
  • you want to change not just yourself—but the world?

The life and love you want are waiting out there for you, but to find them you must risk the very love you seek—and have the courage to change. Once again ...

Are you ready?

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Kimberley Heart used her public work – radio shows, television appearances, seminars, keynote addresses, and published writings – to challenge others to do what they previously believed to be impossible.