Sunshine in Me

There is never a bad weather day in Sisters Oregon. The sun is a constant friend, rain is welcomed, and wind is often celebrated with arm open wide and clothes fluttering around me . Snow, yes there is snow, is a cherished and fog a hydrating spa. Living in Sisters, Oregon is a daily vacation. I think and feel all these things as I sit in quiet solitude and look over the sun drenched Lake that I so love. I see the wind dance with the water and watch the ravens and butterflies play among the pine.

I am blessed to live in such bounty. Nature is a gift here. A gift that I chose to honor. I can hear John Denver sing, “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy.” Me too. But so does the rain, the snow and the wind. As I sit and just ‘be’ I realize there is sunshine in me. Allowing myself to be consciously impacted by what is here is important—it is s a form of self-love. I don’t need to run out and do something to entertain myself. Nature does that for me by her simple presence. I want to be like nature. Filling people will peace and joy by my simple presence. If I do this then it has been a life well lived. There is sunshine in me.