Stop Talking

Today on the road I treat myself, an act of self-loving, to breakfast at a B&B that was touted to have fabulous food. The table was set with flowers and lit candles. The dishes were beautiful and the table and chair were antique, yet sturdy oak. It was glorious. The cook spoke with me as she cooked and she talked and talked and talked. Even when I tried to join in the one-sided conversation, it was impossible.

I stopped trying to engage and just watched and wondered. How often do I talk “at” people and not listen or watch for their response? How often do I entertain myself with words and neglect the connection words are meant to bring? I don’t think I do this, but it is worth a careful consideration. The wonderfully kind woman who was talking endlessly, clearly craved connection and needed nurturing. Her food nurtured me, but she would not allow me to nurture her with my presence in return.

It hurts me that so many people are so lonely. They feel lonely in crowds, lonely with family, lonely at work. To make up for the lack of connection some of us talk. With live so filled with the opportunities to be more loving this is not the time to refuse others by talking too much. Who are we talking to when we go on and on with endless nonsensical dialogue? We are reaching through fog, but never quiet making the connection. Some of us do it with endless screaming silence, others with endless words.

After the breakfast, I walked back to the sea and boarded the ferry that would bridge the gap between one reality and another, as I waited I commit to listen more deeply, to feel the other person’s words and the true meaning behind and between the words. I know I want connection, just like the woman who gave me an incredible breakfast, but who wouldn’t let me touch her with human connection. Living for me is about connecting, to myself, to my Soul, to the unseen who guide me and to the seen friends who fill my heart with such joy. To connect like that – I am learning – you need to stop talking.