In the Name of Love

What would you do in the name of looking for love? What would I do? Most of us say we would do anything—well, almost anything. But would we? Oh, we may tolerate less then admirable behavior. We may be willing to settle for less than finding true love. We may be willing to live with less: money, touching, communication, joy, excitement, sex—less of everything. But that doesn’t mean we will do anything, i.e., the really brave things for love. It just means we are willing to cheat ourselves by asking for less of our partners and of ourselves.

So what will I do for love? Will I stand in front of the one I love and say, “You are wrong?” then stay and help him find the “more” of himself?  Will I forfeit control, regardless of its illusion of safety?  Will I sacrifice my fear by dealing with it?  Will I push through hurt, walking through the hall of mirrors that reflects back to me the wounds left to be healed?  Will I slug through the morass of my, and his, past so it doesn’t destroy our future.

What will I do for love?  If I really want my dream, the love of my life, for all my life I must be willing to sacrifice martyr, victimhood, control, rage, despair, resentment and pity; all of those constricting places to hide. When the rubber meets the road these are the questions. More, these are the choices and decisions that I must make.

I know this, have known this, but when it comes to practice, when it is now, and here and real, will I do these things? The answer is—yes. How about you?