I am Blessed

I am an independent soul, always have been. I can hear my friends laughing at those words; for to say I am independent is such an understatement it is laughable. It has been difficult to allow others room in my life.  I have had to joust with my negative ego to allow women who are more them me, smarter than me, and more powerful than me to be a part of my life. It was harder still to receive from them, to be nurtured by them.  To open my heart to them was one of the most courageous things I have ever done and most assuredly one of the most self-loving.

The presence of these powerful women in my life is a blessing beyond telling. These women are my sisters, far more connected to me than blood will ever be. You see, they are in my life by choice, by commitment, by love and by honor. They fill me with wisdom and hope, laughter and joy. They hold me tightly to their breasts when I need to weep with sorrow and they kick me in the arse when I am in self-pity. They challenge me to reach higher, to be more, love more and to follow my dreams. They teach me how to dream, never what to dream. They make maps, so when I walk in their footsteps my way is easier.

Tonight I am filled with power and strength, filled with a deeper understanding of myself because two of my sisters gathered with me for the sole purpose of giving to one another. What joy there is in the sharing! I feel filled with satisfaction and a sense of mattering when I can be of help to them. I feel grateful and filled with grace because I could receive from them.

Sitting now in the stillness of the night, high above the sea, I listen to the waves and to my heart.  I know I am more because of them, because they allow me to be wise, because they allow me to be unsure and lost.

The power of the circle of women who bless my life is ineffable. Perhaps you have to be a part of such a union to understand. Men who go into battle together understand the unbreakable bonds that such a fraternity can form. For me I celebrate the women in my life who change me, who place their imprints upon my heart. They have taught me how to Champion Love and I am blessed.