Hum Along

Today, sitting on a plane grounded because of fog, I watch “Fame.”  Every 10 years or so the movie is re-birthed and we get to see the new generation of talent.  As I watch each struggle with growing up, life’s ups and downs and parents who do not “get it,” I wonder. Have I kept that jois de vivre, that experience that life is filled with newness?  As I contemplate, the fog lifts then settles again. Life can be like that fog. One second everything is clear and the next you cannot see your hand in front of your face.

As I watch those kids love life, even when they hated it, I know that I love life as well. I think I always have. I still run for the door to unveil my next adventure. I still feel humbled and grateful for my career. I am surrounded by love and respect. So as the kids sing, “Dream and don’t every let it go” I hum along.

Life is like that, most days I hum along. So as hokey as it seems, and my friends will be happy to tell you that I am the queen of hokey, I love life. I want to be on the stage with those kids singing and dancing. I can’t be, so I will stay on the stage of life and sing and dance through that.

Learning to Champion Love, fog lifts and we are flying.