Endless Possibilities

Why do we feel the loss of a child so much more intensely, so much more hurtful, than the death of an adult. The reason I think it is so hard to accept the loss of a child is because I hold in children endless possibilities. When I walk down the street I will make eye contact with a kid before their parents. I will wave at a kid who has their nose pressed against the windowpane of a school bus. I always wanted someone to wave at me, so I wave enthusiastically. I will admit, sometimes I wave before they do. Yup, I do.

Yes, I believe in the endless possibilities of a child and I must also believe in the endless possibilities of you or me. I have endless possibilities if I “make it so.” You have endless possibilities as well.  At what age do we stop believing in our endless possibilities? Is it 45, 50, 75? At what age do we start to resign ourselves that the “best is over”? The moment I stop believing in my endless possibilities is the day I begin to really die. The world needs me and you to Stand For Love, dying soon is not in the cards. I must bring to the forefront the absolute understanding that endless possibilities exist in every day. Living each moment, flat out, without dread about the future or fear of the past, this is what brings endless possibilities and the savoring of each day. This is what I hope to achieve.