Dying Dreams

I watched someone’s dream die today. While waiting for my car to fill with gas I gazed across a small street as a handyman dismantled a sign. The sign had a huge coffee cup on it with only the letters “ f f e” and “w e” left on the sign. I assume the “ f f e” was once part of the word “coffee”. I imagined a snug coffee pub with fragrance of roasting beans filling the air. As I mused, I considered what the “w e” might have been, but came away clueless.

As I watch the handyman strip the sign, I imagined another day when someone stood with pride in front of their new coffee pub watching the sign go up. I could feel the excitement and the self-satisfaction that must have been in the person’s heart. Imagine, a shop that was theirs. They could claim ownership. Like millions of entrepreneurial Americans they would work much harder for themselves, with deeper satisfaction, than they would ever work in someone else’s business. Today, all of that was done and buried. I watched in solemn silence until the last piece came off the sign. When it was done I drove away feeling like I had just attended a funeral, and in a very real way I had.

Someone’s dream had died.  If I love myself consciously with all of the choices I make which of my dreams must die? Do they just die because I consciously end them? Do they die and leave nothing in their wake? Or do they die leaving room for bolder, grandeur dreams?

As I watched the sign being dismantled I thought about my dreams that must die; dreams that no longer serve me or my new reality. What do I want now?  The dreams of my past have no place in this “now” and future. My covenant to Champion Love is birthed, taking on a whole new meaning I realize that each day is so very precious.

Everything is up for change in my life as I decide what being a Love Champion means. Where I live, how I fill my days, and who I decide to have in my life.  Everything is new and open to bigger grandeur dreams.

All this brought to immediacy, brought home to my heart, because someone’s dream died today.