Dance At Sunset

The mountains are topped with crystal dust, the air is cool and the marvelous clouds are pink and red. It is sunset. I have stopped our day to watch it. In front of me is a cacophony of color. The sun quickly sets, if you don’t watch with care you will miss her display of life. As the night changes place with the day, nature shows off her colors. If you listen closely you can hear the sound the vibrant colors croon.

I wasn’t the only one hearing the resonance of sunset. On the electrical lines between nature’s glory and me are hundreds of little blackbirds. As I muse on how many there might be, one of them rises and floats around the sky in different waves of harmony. I wish words where bright enough to share with you the grace of their sunset dance. One group of dancers flowed in one direction in an array of curves in un-choreographed harmony. Their floating grace is not unlike throwing a freshly washed sheet over your bed and allowing the air to catch it. It floats back down in waves of grace.

Another group of the little blackbirds fly helter-skelter over our heads and beyond our sight.

Immediately upon the second group’s departure, one bird from the dancer’s group settles back on the wire. He turns his head as if to say, “Wow, that was fun but let’s watch the sun say her goodbyes.” As if this diminutive leader blew a whistle, a hundred or so of her dancing partners returned settling once again. They were perfectly spaced facing the settling sun. I mused that it would be wonderful if humans could fly together in such harmonic majesty. The sky dancers do not crash into each other, fight for space on the wire or scream with outrage if someone takes the space they once held.

Soon, a second unheard whistle sounds and the helter-skelter group flies back and settles in as well. It is sunset and some of the world is going to sleep, some of the world is waking up. In my world, looking for love in nature, I am grateful and I am at peace.