Champion Love

I have decided to be bold.I have decided to champion Love. Serious, enduing conversations about the one thing we all crave is lacking in our world. I can change that. You can change that. Together we can create a conversation about love that keeps it ever present in our mind. If it is, we will not walk past freezing children on our city streets. We will not sit in silence when our loved ones need to be touched by our words. If we honor our drive to be loving, we will be filled with love.  Love can save our lives, change our health, inspire us to greatness and connect us with the Divine. Wanting to love is not enough, not anymore…I will stand for love.  Will you?

I am in the time of the double, a time when looking at myself, really looking, is required. Look, or face living in daily pain separated from love. The time of the double is like the two-faced mask I sometimes notice in museums, each face looking in another direction. I cannot walk in two directions at once, so I must choose, forward or backwards. Journey in backwards and ending up in a nursing home in a fetal position once more; I started life in the fetal position and don’t want to end it that way. It would be a gruesome cycle of life. Or face the future and walk into the unknown.

Fear of the unknown is no where near as great as a life without love. When I look at facing the fear of loving, the fear of loss, the fear of not being good enough to be loved…when I face any fear I have that keeps me from loving, I honor the gift of life I have been given.

There is no past if I realize the gift of life that every day can be. Each day is too precious to waste in mourning or celebrating what was. Well, that is easy enough to understand. Face forward and embrace the future or head backwards and try to recapture the myths of my youth. Sounds like a mid-life crisis, but with a severe downside. Head in the wrong direction and tempt death.

No, if I want each one of the days of life to matter; it is up to me to make them matter. But how? Racing around the world riding ostrich or kick boxing as suggested by the incredibly popular book “The Four Hour Work Week” doesn’t sound like fun to me. If it does to you then doing so is self-loving. If it doesn’t don’t try to reshape yourself into something you are not. Stop trying to package yourself. What do you need to really start living?  Make a list of things you want to feel before you die. Our ‘bucket’ list needs to be full of feeling not doing things. There is a reason we list doing things. We belief, often without noticing it that, that the ‘doing’ will help us feeling. Let’s skip the middle step and go right into feelings. Before Armageddon, before the unveiling, the true definition of Armageddon lets all begin a list of self love…what do we want to feel in our daily lives? So let’s create a Bucket List of things we want to feel in life rather then what we want ‘to do’. Let’s experiment on how to love, starting with ourselves. I don’t always know yet what is right for me, but that is the journey I am going to share.

So, as the sun breaks over the top of the mountains on the first day of this journey, I choose the scary, the exciting and the unknown. I choose to be Love’s Champion. I reach for love by starting at the beginning…falling in love with myself.

I choose to face the future, to continue to unveil who I am and who I am going to handcraft myself to be… Join me.  Don’t wait until you are told you are dying before you choose to live. Don’t wait any longer to fill your life with love. Start now to learn to love yourself. Stand for love in your life!