You Raise Me Up


I am happy today, new adventures are looming, the sun is shining, and most importantly, I like how I handled the latest crisis in my life. I tell you that least you think what I am about to tell you is responsible for my joy.

What I am about to share with you, most certainly, is an honor that humbles me beyond what words can express, but it is the happiness that came first. I know it was the happiness I have for and of myself that attracted this missive today. This came to me in the magic that is the inbox of my computer; it is from a woman who many years ago came into my life while she was in crisis. She trusted me with her heart; over the years I have thought of her and her family and wondered how they fared; here is my answer and my blessing:

“ … thank you so much for giving me a cornucopia of tools to deal with life’s ins and outs. If I had counted, I’m sure it would be in the millions by now of how often I’ve referenced a conversation with you, or moved through a fear with tools you gave me.”

Early today I was hosting an interview with a CEO of a new television network who not only works to create a new network, but does it by offering youngsters a chance to find their talents. Someday soon he will get notes in his magic email inbox from the youngsters who have taken the opportunity he freely offers and used it to enhance their lives.  The saying, “what goes around comes around” is unfortunately misused to threaten people; it was really meant to remind people that their goodness and love will come back to them sometimes in the most unexpected ways. It surely will come back to this CEO.

How many times have you and I discussed my mentors that have “raised me up”? I have passed their gifts on as it was meant to be. Today, I was repaid a thousand fold. Out there in the world a young woman is thriving, teaching what she learned and living a full and vibrant life. There is no statue, award or kudos that could mean as much as someone who allows you to touch his or her life, and then in turn touches others. Getting the love you want always includes sharing that love with others.